Let’s create something great.
The outstanding reputation that HA ThirtyOne has earned within the industry is the product of the passionate dedication of our lean and nimble teams of award-winning writers, designers, developers, and thinkers. Never afraid to innovate, we embrace new ideas and explore emerging technologies in the interests of putting our partners in the best possible position to stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.


creative services
Art Direction
When marketers, communicators, or pure creative teams are trying to generate ideas and strategies that bring an existing brand or new platform to life, art direction can be the key to getting the best results. From photo and video shoots to design and copy – we can bring the creative and collaborative vision for success.
Content Development
Content is only as good as the strategy and intent that inspires it. Our content plans are fully customized to you, whether it’s about extending your brand or simply adding a new piece to your communication mix. Regardless of size or complexity, content development is tailored to meet the unique, dynamic needs of your institution.
Whether we’re communicating in an already proven voice or creating an entirely new one with a language and tone all its own, we believe that copy and the way it conveys information to engage your audience to take action is the mortar that binds a brand together.
Campus Photography
Every campus benefits from a fresh set of eyes behind the shutter, as well as a regular infusion of images for its library. We couple the expertise of planning and scheduling with photography to provide images that not only capture your campus, its culture, and people, but become the “go-to” shots for the cycles ahead.
Web Design
Clean, elegant style that delivers delightful UX and UI while always keeping your unique brand identity front and center – this is the essence of HA ThirtyOne’s philosophy for designing for the web.
Publication Design
From concepting, content, and design to paper stock selection, printing, and mail fulfillment, HA ThirtyOne covers publication design, soup to nuts. We can also help your internal team strategize on content and publication placement, or design and produce the piece with a final deliverable of art files. The possibilities are endless.
Graphic Design
A client’s creative needs frequently involve both digital and print media, and may call for design work that isn’t so easily classified as either. Our graphic designers are up to any challenge.
Script Writing
From drafting the perfect presentation deck to scripting videos and addresses, we know the power of the spoken word. Our understanding of the subtleties that go into crafting the perfect script guides the way we write for deans, presidents and other high-profile institution leaders.
Podcast Scripting & Production
Our experience and engagement with partners on podcasts ranges from consulting on existing shows to the complete development, production, and training for a new podcast. We can do as much, or as little, as your project demands.
Video Production Services
Our video producers develop custom content to help bring your campus story to life. Leading projects through every phase – from first storyboard to final frame – our team can script, cast, schedule, and crew your project; manage everything on location or in studio; and handle all the editing, sound, motion graphics, visual effects, and animations needed to make your video turn heads.
Photo: Stephen Allen, Courtesy Stetson University