We provide the 360-degree view to get you where you want to go.
The creative services we put to work for our clients serve them best when backed up by the sound strategies we develop after assessing an institution’s existing enrollment systems and processes. We analyze and make recommendations on everything from the most appropriate technologies and vendors to use to communications coaching and optimizing workflows between operational divisions.


enrollment assessment & strategy
Communication Flow Analysis
Custom, multichannel comm flow strategies that deliver proven results year after year typically begin with detailed assessments of a school’s CRM, its print and digital communications, and the calls-to-action that drive them. The recommendations for next steps yielded by these assessments are specifically tailored to the unique needs of each client.
Communication Flow Development
From overall content strategy to the development of the individual pieces and messages for each channel, our team is experienced in creating and delivering authentic, brand-true content. Need a new viewbook? We can make it, soup to nuts. Updated email templates? Check. Only looking for help with one piece? Can do.
Admissions Operations Audits
Admissions departments can only be as good as their teams and the tools they use. The audits we provide can run the gamut from purely technical assessments of an organization’s CRM and communications platform(s) to the human side of operations that looks for opportunities – such as breaking down silos – to help team members do their best work.
Behavioral Scoring
The best way to engage with prospective students based on what email or microsite they respond to is not always clear. We have proven systems that assign scores to specific behaviors that can help.
Data Acquisition
Every institution has its own perfect data mix, and we help discover and define that unique blend for an effective data strategy. We stay current on the wide array of potential data sources, and recommend unique options based on your institution’s objectives.
Database Management
Even the perfect data mix requires cleansing, deduping, merging and segmenting. We conduct comprehensive data management, before, during, and at the conclusion of a campaign or project.
Team Consulting
It’s one thing to engage with students and their families through finely-tuned digital and print communications, but quite another thing to interact with them in person or, , on the phone in real time. Staying authentic and solutions-oriented can be a challenge. HA ThirtyOne can help coach client team members on customer service, managing campus visits, or anything else that may lie outside their comfort zones.
Predictive Modeling for Recruitment & Retention
Our predictive modeling is built upon your institution’s trend data, reviewed through our lens of research and audience/brand analysis, combined with strategic goals for the future. The result is an accurate picture of your institution’s current model and a predictive model for achieving your enrollment initiatives.