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In 31Minutes: Best Ideas for Higher Ed Communicators, co-hosts Karyn Adams (H·A ThirtyOne Principal and Creative Director) and Karen Black (Content Strategist) talk to guests of all ilks and explore one “best idea” each month to inspire higher ed marketers, communicators, and leaders from across departments.
How Chatbots Will Change Your (Work) Life

Eric Stoller from GeckoEngage joins us to chat about… chatbots! In his role as Gecko’s VP of Digital Strategy, what does Eric mean by digital transformation? What changes must take place on campuses in order to effectively use conversational technologies? Eric will share what listeners need to know about what’s new in this evolving space and how it can improve both efficiency and outcomes. (Order a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Chatbots for Higher Education.)

Eric is the new VP of Digital Strategy at GeckoEngage, a leading provider of higher ed chatbots. You might know Eric from his Inside Higher Ed blogs over the past nine years, or as a higher education digital engagement consultant. Eric’s work is focused on how conversational technologies can provide around-the-clock support to enhance the student experience.

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