We’re often asked what we do for clients, or, phrased another way, how we work with clients. You’ve heard our answer before, perhaps from other companies – Every client is different – but we really mean it. In fact, most of our clients come to us because they are tired of being served with the same solution offered to every other school. H·A ThirtyOne doesn’t do that…ever.

Our approach is to first learn about an institution, from you, so that we can gain an understanding of what’s working, what’s working less well, and hear the location of the true “pain point.” Often this is enrollment search, but we also help schools with branding issues, communication flow, data management, yield, affordability issues, and prospect pool management, just to name a few areas.

Our aim is to partner with colleges and universities by becoming a trusted and reliable resource for communications and marketing support. We bring big ideas, and we bring them to life.

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