When we realized we were in this for the long haul we knew we needed to give our division a name. At the time, we were part of a company that had been around for the better part of a century, which is a long time. We wanted to recognize and honor that strength.

Our clients would naturally abbreviate the name of our then parent company, Hutchison Allgood, to HA (Hutchison Allgood is a long 5 syllables, after all). We liked the abbreviation and wanted to respect our customers “nickname” for us, too. So in the winter of 2011, we launched the name H·A ThirtyOne. HA, for Hutchison Allgood, and ThirtyOne for two main reasons. One, the original parent company was founded in 1931, and two, because we never want to be so big that as to compromise our quality or our customization. ThirtyOne is a reminder to us that our goal is to work with a smaller cohort of clients — the best clients – and to give them the best we have to offer. Every time.

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