Things happen for a reason. We believe it’s true in life and in business.

In 2007, one of our team member’s sons was entering the college search process. We’d been a printer of college materials for years, but we’d never been part of a college’s strategy or creative development. When we began to see the flood of materials received by one potential student, our eyes were opened. Wide.

Everything looked the same, said the same things, and none of it was very compelling or inspiring. We wanted to help.

We put all those materials into a big shoebox and started talking to the schools that were sending the look-a-like letters, brochures, and viewbooks. Sitting in their offices, looking at the identical printed pieces, admissions and enrollment leaders couldn’t deny just how “in the box” their materials truly were. Conversations began. We were talking with schools not just about their admissions materials, but about their needs, their goals, and their aspirations. HA ThirtyOne knew it could help.

We’ve built our business on customizing communications solutions for colleges and universities that are unique to each client. We specialize in enrollment strategy, cross-media campaigns for student search and targeted initiatives, creative development, communication flow planning, institutional messaging, and working with each client to help them do what is most critical – meet their enrollment numbers not just with any student, but the students with the best institutional fit.

In addition to our strategic partnerships with clients, we offer an array of support services, including printing and fulfillment, that can help ensure quality and timeliness for projects.

With each of our areas of expertise, we push ourselves (and we push our clients, too) to test, experiment, and integrate new technologies that will help get the desired results.

We’ve come a long way from that shoebox but our motivation and resolve is unchanged. We want to help our clients and we know that we can.

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