Politics. Pandemics. Economic turmoil. We’re not even through the first quarter of 2020 and things have felt, well, overwhelming. The steady stream of crises or attention-demanding situations hasn’t let up and the toll it can take on leaders – particularly communicators – is intense. It can make a person feel like they must always be on, and as we all know, that’s just not humanly possible. No matter how hard most of us try.

I’d like to offer a little respite. Go for a walk around campus (at a safe distance from others, of course), or take the long way home to listen a bit longer in the car, or, if you are working from home (because your SXSW session was cancelled), go make some coffee or tidy your home office while you listen to our season starter of 31Minutes. I promise it will get you thinking about the year ahead in a slightly different way. Reflect with us, on what we learned last year and what we’re excited about in the year ahead. Catch our new “Question of the Year” and hear forecasts of some of our upcoming episodes. Oh…and one more thing.

When episode one of 31Minutes’ second season begins playing, your ears are going to notice something different. A new voice.

Tim Douglas

Guest Host, Tim Douglas, Emerson College

Tim Douglas’ voice, to be specific.

A higher ed pro who touts stints in admissions counseling, teaching, academic advising, and consulting in schools throughout New England (including Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government), Tim is currently Assistant Director of Academic Advising at Emerson College. And in addition to his experience in so many various educational arenas, he’s now adding “Higher Ed Podcast Host” to his resume. But there’s another reason we selected Tim to kick off this second season. He’s no stranger to podcasts. In fact, he and Pete Fernandez are the audiophiles behind Record Time, a conversational deconstruction of some of popular music’s well-known albums. Give it a listen.

I wish that I could promise that once you were done listening to 31Minutes you would discover the political, medical, economic, and climate situations completely resolved, or at least mostly abated. Nope. There will probably be something new to stress about, too. But I can promise that you’ll have the renewed confidence and collection that comes from taking a moment to breathe deeply and think without distraction, even if just for thirty-one minutes. And that type of equanimity is a priceless commodity these days.



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