How does one go about making waves in the ever-widening sea of sameness? And how do we avoid being different just for difference’s sake?

In this month’s episode of our 31Minutes podcast Karyn Adams and I chat with Ginger Hansen, H·A ThirtyOne’s Director of Enrollment Solutions. Ginger is heading to Atlanta this weekend to unveil The Best Enrollment Marketing Ideas of 2018-2019 at SACAC, along with co-presenter Joel Jones, Stetson University’s Associate Vice President of Marketing.

Ginger gives us a sneak peek of just one Best Idea. Without spoiling the episode, I’ll admit, at first this example seemed like a no-brainer to me. Discussing it with Ginger and Karyn was a great reminder of how difficult it can be to “walk out on a thinner limb” of calculated risk-taking within the academy. And, just how valuable that risk-taking can be.

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Not making it to SACAC this year? No problem. You can pre-order your copy of The Best Enrollment Marketing Ideas!

Got a great idea? Let us know about it! If your campus has a great example of a Best Idea to share with us, please get in touch!