Podcasting is (relatively) easy! But is podcasting a good idea for you?

I want to share a brief blog post for our partners and readers today, because I just saw this article, “5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Podcast at Your Organization,” by Jenna Spinelle of Democracy Works,  posted on the ConnectEdu Facebook group page  (a great resource, if you haven’t already found it). This seemed like the perfect tidbit to share this week as we continue to work on getting our pilot “up” on the multitude of casting services out there and begin production on our March episode where we’ll be interviewing Liz Gross from Campus Sonar about social listening.

I was pleased to read this article and find we are following most of this advice, and these pointers are certainly relevant for us to keep front and center as we build out our monthly topics for 31Minutes. Spinelle has me nodding in agreement when she notes that “[podcasts represent] the opportunity to be part of larger conversations,” and that, “…the podcast and the other parts of your work should complement each other, and it should all fit nicely under the same general umbrella. And, with a little luck, you’ll have some fun along the way as you create amazing content and reach new audiences around the world.”


For H·A ThirtyOne, our new adventure into podcasting is allowing us to expand the lens we use for viewing the challenges and opportunities in enrollment marketing and higher ed. We’ve already developed new relationships and communities thanks to our efforts with 31Minutes and our podcasting schedule is filling up quickly. But there was a whole lot of “Scooby-Doo-ing,” to use one of Karyn Adams’ terms (you know, when the characters spin their legs while standing still?), to prepare for take off. Or to hit record, as the case may be.

So…whether the word “podcast” has been whispered or shouted at your organization, I advise you to give Spinelle’s piece a quick read.

My call to action is, what would you like to hear from us this year? What topics are burning your brain, keeping you up at night, and making their way into your staff meetings and communications plans? Contact us with your content suggestions—we’d love to hear from you!