31Minutes of Your Time: Introducing H·A ThirtyOne’s monthly podcast for sharing the best ideas to inspire higher ed communicators and leaders

In lieu of a #whoshareswins post—or perhaps as the meta #whoshareswins—we are thrilled to unleash our first episode of H·A ThirtyOne’s newest content nugget, the 31Minutes podcast! Karyn Adams (H·A ThirtyOne’s Principal and Creative Director) and I are co-hosting 31Minutes, and we’re also co-hosting the excitement, jitters, and maintenance list of “things we’ll do better for podcast two!” Bottom line, we’re proud to have completed the pilot episode and are thrilled to share it with the world. (Check the full description at the bottom of this blog.)

We’re self-described lifelong learners, so we’re committed to learning, growing, tweaking, and improving 31Minutes each month and sharing useful bits about our triumphs and trials along the way.

Our pilot episode, “It Starts With One Idea,” is an audio introduction to us, our personalities, and our voices (literally and figuratively). Karyn sits in the hot seat to explain:

  • The significance of the number 31
  • The team’s philosophy of sharing
  • How (and why) the annual Best Ideas project began and where it is heading
  • The inspiration behind this new podcast and how she envisions it helping higher education professionals
  • … and the common thread she sees among all of the best projects and best ideas

Did we mention we are giddy with delight and nerves? We’d love to know what you think and what topics you would like to hear us cover, so get in touch!

Also, don’t miss the next episode, scheduled for early March, where we’ll be talking with Liz Gross from Campus Sonar about social listening in higher ed. Find 31Minutes on Libsyn and Spotify … coming soon to iTunes, Google Play Music, Radio Public, and your favorite podcatchers.

31Minutes Podcast

Here’s the full description. Listen up!

31Minutes is a monthly, half-hour (and one minute!) podcast co-hosted by H·A ThirtyOne Principal & Creative Director Karyn Adams and Content Strategist Karen Black, featuring guests of all ilks. The Kary/ens identify and explore one “best idea” each month to help inspire higher ed marketers, communicators, and leaders from all departments.

31Minutes explores key issues and opportunities in enrollment, admissions, communications, development, marketing, alumni relations, academics, and the campus experience. We bring you real voices and fresh ideas, and provide a thoughtful forum for discussing new ways to tackle challenges with a focus on collaboration and sharing. Why? Because we believe #whoshareswins.