Who Shares Wins is a concept we all “get” at some level. It isn’t a new concept or a newly minted phrase, but the sentiment is unwavering. I feel like talking about the value of sharing is a great way to launch the new year…one which will be filled with planned and unexpected surprises, another impressive round of Best Ideas from the H·A ThirtyOne experts (with a special presentation at April’s SACAC), and sharing on new content platforms to expand the diversity of our audience.

At its most basic, when someone shares their thoughts and ideas, they “win” by reaping the rewards of connection, collaboration, and more successful iterations of those ideas. Sharing is akin to community gardening – planting and tending the seed of your own idea while learning from the plantings of others. New seeds are discovered and traded and planted. The transfer of energy benefits both giver and receiver.

The first time I experienced the unusual and unique “share” philosophy of H·A ThirtyOne, I was a client attending one of their very first Ideastorm sessions at Queens University of Charlotte in Charlotte, NC. I didn’t know what to expect. I was in a room full of colleagues from “competitor” schools and we were asked to talk openly about our enrollment successes and challenges in an intimate, roundtable setting. You want me to do what?!

Many years later, I still look back on that session and my time as a client with the same amount of awe and inspiration I felt then.

The value of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, share success stories, bond over our systemic challenges and opportunities, and receive the gift of that platform from a partner who really did (and does) believe sharing is at the very core of success… it was priceless and it fundamentally changed me as an enrollment communications professional.

I sometimes joke that it reminds me of Miracle on 34th Street, when “the real Santa” suggests shopping across the street at Gimbel’s for a better price on a certain toy, getting Santa into hot water until oodles of loyal Macy’s customers are born.

Not exactly the right analogy, but I like it. I like to imagine sharing, in our industry, resulting in happily matriculated students, stepping across the threshold for their first college course, knowing what they discovered during the enrollment process was authentic, powerful, and meaningful for them.

I believe every student deserves their Perfect Fit college and their best collegial experience. I believe it is up to professionals like us to make sure they receive the information and messages necessary for families to make their best decision. The team at H·A ThirtyOne believes this, too. That’s why I’m proud to begin collaborating with them on the idea sharing they’ve been championing for years. Those who share really do win. I’m excited to help unpack even more of those wins with their team and with you!

Feel free to contact us with your own #WhoSharesWins story at any time. We’d love to publish it on our blog. And stay tuned on social (facebook, twitter) for announcements about our 2019 Best Ideas and more sharing and collaboration opportunities to spark your enrollment team’s creativity.