SACAC, like many of the other regional ACACs, brings together enrollment and admissions leaders who are responsible for making the big decisions for their institution. It is also an excellent opportunity for newer professionals eager to join together; eager to take exciting steps in their careers. SACAC offers an important professional development opportunity for counselors and directors to broaden their understanding of the many facets of the admissions world and to learn some important lessons in theory before putting those lessons into practice.

That’s really the starting point for our session this year, titled, “How to Work with External Partners (and other things no one teaches you about working in admissions).”

Most of us, regardless of our careers, aren’t taught or trained on some of the things that we need to know most. Like how to select an outside partner for a project. Or how to lead in a way that doesn’t isolate but inspires. How to be a “good client” and get the most from your external partnerships. How to keep our options open without becoming utterly inundated with solicitations. These are just a few of the rules of the road we’ll share. We’ll also have a healthy exchange – in the spirit of H·A ThirtyOne Ideastorms – about some of the issues you’ve faced and how you’ve handled them (or, with the wisdom of 20/20 hindsight, how you wish you had handled them). We’ll also use the hive to make suggestions for how you might handle an issue that you’re facing right now.

At the end of the day, SACAC and other regional ACACs can feel like homecoming. You are among your regional colleagues for a few days, sharing war stories and hopes for the year ahead. The best years are the ones where you walk away with a renewed sense of purpose for your profession, inspired for how you’re going to lead the charge and achieve your goals in a new cycle. Acquiring a new perspective requires a re-dedication — looking at some of the same-old, same-old in a new way. Turning the kaleidoscope.

Karyn Adams | SACAC 2015

In-between sessions at SACAC 2015

Seasoned pro or just beginning your work in admissions, this session will give you new tools and food for thought. Whether your challenge for the year ahead is communication flow, student search, or admissions and enrollment strategy, we’ll be covering how to get the most out of your external partners for these efforts. As well as all the other things no one tells you about working in admissions. Bring your experiences, your conundrums, and your kaleidoscopes…we’ll bring new approaches, big ideas, and a healthy dose of inspiration.

SACAC — April 9 – 12, 2016
Hyatt Regency | Miami, FL
Conference Session: Monday, April 11, 9:10am – 10:10am | Block B, Hibiscus A
Session Topic: “How to Work with External Partners (and other things no one teaches you about working in admissions)”
Shery Boyles, Director of Admissions, Meredith College
Ginger Hansen, Director of Enrollment Solutions, H·A ThirtyOne
Karyn Adams, Vice President & Creative Director, H·A ThirtyOne