We love ideas. Big ideas. And, we want to hear yours!

Each year, H·A ThirtyOne compiles the The Best Enrollment Marketing Ideas publication, featuring innovative approaches and creative strategies from colleges and universities across the country. We have to admit that this is one of our favorite projects.

Anyone can think of cool things to do with a limitless budget or zero parameters. We find the most inspiring ideas, the ones that we highlight in the Best Ideas publication, are those that rise from the challenges we face on an annual basis—growing and managing enrollment, year after year, with larger goals and the same or fewer resources. We’re inspired by you and the extraordinary ways you approach your work. Despite the trials you face at your institutions, you are still able to think outside the box and create fresh strategies that yield results.

Has your team accomplished something really unique this year in your enrollment marketing communications? Did you implement a fresh strategy and yield significant results? It’s time to let the light shine on your achievements. One of the greatest advantages of working in higher education is the camaraderie – the willingness to inspire and challenge, to share and support each other. This is your chance to do just that.

We invite you to submit your best idea for this annual publication, from small ideas that make a big impact, to big ideas that help enrollment efforts turn new corners with technology, goals, or strategic communication. Send your idea and it may be featured in this year’s Best Ideas publication, shared with the Higher Ed community, featured in national conferences, and presented during H·A ThirtyOne’s one-of-a-kind Ideastorm events.

Share your best idea here!